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Llama Omni .45 reflections

Llama-OMNI-45I’ve owned quite a few guns in my day. The Llama Omni .45 was one of the first handguns I ever owned. I’d heard differing opinions about Llamas and their quality or performance, but I was a young married man and this used Llama Omni .45 was all I could afford.

Llama Omni .45 reflections

This gun is by no means easy to disassemble. It’s like a freaking puzzle box, every time I try it I get a tad further than before. I’ve also busted the plunger pin that holds the slide stop in place, causing me to have to mill one out of metal with a dremel tool. Add all this up and it should tell you that this gun is a pain to clean. My cleanings have been a few patches up the barrel (still fully assembled) a spritz of WD40 and a wipe down, not very throrough.

What I can tell you is that this gun will shoot every time I pull the trigger. It will hit where I aim it, time after time after time! I do want to mention that I had feed errors with both the original Llama magazine and a Colt 1911 magazine, but Wilson Combat Magazines fixed that problem for me. They have proven so reliable that these are what I now use i n my Llama Omni .45 100% of the time.

In the picture below, I was sighting in some guns, so the target was well peppered when I decided to try a test. I wanted to practicing shooting the target as if an assailant had a prisoner in front of them. I pretended that the darker grey was the hostage’s head and the lighter grey was the kidnapper. You can see the results from this test in the red outlined box. This was only at 10 yards, but it’s very consistent.


I’ve shot the heck out of the Llama Omni .45 and if there was a life or death situation that called for handgun fire, this would be my first choice. Keep in mind that no two firearms are the same, so your mileage may vary. If you get the chance to shoot one or pick one up cheap, you should consider it strongly.

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