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Survival Gear: Review Colt .45 vs Llama .45

pistolas I finally got the chance to do some head to head testing of the Colt 1911 Series 80 against a Llama .45.

There is quite a bit of price difference between these 2 pistols. Keep in mind that neither of these pistols are new.

Both of these guns shot with the usual .45 caliber roar and handled about the same.

I noticed in this case the Llama was much more accurate for me. I was consistently hitting right where I aimed. The Colt shot quite a bit low, but again, I’m confident that this was me.

I didn’t like that I had to push in the mag release on the Colt to insert a new magazine.

I do like that the Llama has ball bearings in the slide for smoother action and less wear.

Which one do I prefer? Which one do I like better?

I like the Llama better.

The point to this post isn’t that the Llama is better than the Colt or vise versa. The point is that every gun handles differently for every shooter reguardless of price.

For example: My favorite pistol is a $179 pistol that shoots 9mm makarov (9x18mm). Using this pistol I never miss, I like how it feels in my hand and it’s one of the lowest priced in my collection.

I recommend going to a shooting range that allows you to “rent” guns so you can try out a variety of choices and find the one that is the perfect fit for you and your needs. As always Geek’s Guide also recommends that you get firearm training before ever handling, shooting or purchasing a gun!

Please join us in supporting our 2nd amendment rights and join the NRA.

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