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Using a Brand New Ferro Rod

firesteel-300x227A brand new ferro rod may be screaming for you to give it a try, but before you do, read this. Ferro rods are designed to create a spark when there is friction. When those rods are packed for shipment, they are coated with a black material to prevent unwanted sparks occurring during transport. This coating is easily removed by scraping it away. You will know when you have reached the fire steel material when you see a shiny metallic surface.

Now that that is out of the way, it is time to learn how to use your new ferro rod. You can check out this video to see one actually being used. There are a few tips to help make your first few attempts successful. As with everything, practice will make the art of starting a fire with a ferro rod much easier.

One key part to using the firesteel is to make sure you have your scraper at a sharp angle at the point of contact with the rod. Another trick is to hold the scraper still, near your tinder bundle, and pull the rod back. It may seem natural to move the scraper over the fire steel, but it will not be as productive because the sparks will go every which way.

With this particular ferro rod, you will notice a whistle is attached. This is an ideal, multi-use tool. A signal and fire starting tool all in one. Keep practicing with your ferro rod and soon you will see how natural it feels to use it the proper way.

Craig Caudill trains people in the correct way to use survival firestarters both online at Dan’s Depot and offline at his Nature Reliance School.


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